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Hero Care Packages

Mini Recharge & Recover Care Package

Mini Recharge & Recover Care Package

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A quick recharge has never felt and tasted so great. Picture our military service men and women having a stressful day - these can give them a quick refresh.

This care package includes
  • Chocolate Chip Clif Bar
  • Mentos
  • Ice Breaker Mints
  • MEG Caffeine Gum
  • DripDrop Hydration Packs (3)
  • Cold shower wipes from Duke Cannon
  • PRIME Hydration
Why we chose these items

We really focused on what are the items that would be most appreciated in a normal day for our military personnel and came up with these hydrating, breath-freshing and caffeine loaded products. Once they all came together, we couldn't wait to take the photo.

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