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GIFTEDIN24 was built for the local gifting companies looking to expand their marketing reach via omni-channels. Founded by industry coach and expert, Debbie Quintana has been an advocate for gifting companies since 2009. She founded The Gift Basket Association (now The Gift Designers Association) and is the owner of The Gift Designers Conference.

Please note members are shown in the order in which they join.

Membership, Pricing & Tax

Membership is $99 per year + 10% of each order to cover administration of website, order and financial management and marketing. Sales tax is collected and managed by GIFTEDIN24. You are reimbursed for the shipping. Please note the third party app is $10 per month. If you already have Synchro installed, you do not need to pay an additional fee.


Our process for inventory and orders is automated through Shopify and a third party app. When an order is placed it automatically flows to your website. This allows you a connection to the client and a record of all orders. Once you ship or deliver the order, the tracking automatically updates our website giving the client the tracking information. A Shopify website is required for automation. We design Shopify websites for $1500, discounted to $1200 for GiftedIn24 members.

If you do not have a Shopify website, you can still participate in GiftedIn24 through a manual upload process. When an order is received, we'll email it to you.

Responsibility of the Gift Designer

As a member of GIFTEDIN24, it's your responsibility to ensure:

  • Retail prices shown including shipping. We are 100% a free shipping and free delivery site.
  • Gifts are made available via Shopify website. Training is provided.
  • Orders are filled within 24 hours, whether they are shipped or locally delivered.
  • Gifts are shipped or delivered as pictured. If substitutions are made, they must be minor and of equal or greater value.
  • Gifts are received by the recipient is perfect condition. Any issues involving missing deliveries or damaged items must be rectified by the gift designer.
  • The gifts shown on our site are available and are tagged in the collections you'd like them to be listed.

Onboarding Process

  • Once you sign up for GIFTEDIN24, you'll have access to our online training video on how to set up the third party app OR we can make the connection for you. 
  • You'll choose the gifts you want to add to GIFTEDIN through our third party app.
  • We'll add your company profile to our member directory and import your gifts to all appropriate collections.